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This is the view from my MoMA office window.  It sums up everything I came to New York for, namely Art, Architecture and something totally different.MoMA gardenI’m sure I’ll feel the need to visit some of the cities prettier neighbourhoods but for now I’m happy with as much glass, steel, layering and concrete Manhattan can give me.  Below are a few of my favourite high rises for the last few weeks – I’m also happy for as much attitude New Yorkers in general can give me… Whether that be style, humour or sass.Couple of classicsKermitChinatown granny


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Somewhere out there is New York City

It’s just well hidden under a flurry of snow.Today I went off piste across Central Park to visit the Catherdral Church of Saint John the Divine on the Upper West Side.The catherdral has an installation by Chienese artist Xu Bing.  The project, called Phoenix (2008-2010), is made up of two birds made from the detritus of China’s construction industry.  Together they weigh 12 tons and are 190 feet long. 

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Goodnight from New York


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New York Fashion Week

IMG_1536-0Today I went to New York Fashion Week.IMG_1535An hour and a half worth of queuing for 20 minutes of techno pounding so loud it made the seats shake and clothes so beautiful it made my eyes water (in fairness this could be due to the cold, it was minus 6). I was invited to the Dennis Basso show by a friends mother who works for the brand. The place was packed and the runway practically glowed.IMG_1529IMG_1531

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Brooklyn Flea

On Sunday I went to the Brooklyn Flea market at 899 Bergen Street, Crown Heights. Below are my top five finds.
1. Weather appropriate attireIMG_11002. LunchIMG_11023. A velvet sofa for my imaginary NY apartmentIMG_10214. A couple of hundred booksIMG_10265. Some good low brow imagesIMG_1097



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Culture Shock

IMG_0906.JPGLast week I arrived in New York for a 12 week internship with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). So far my overriding NYC experience has been one of an enormous amount of glass, steel and light (and people, snow, rats, rubbish, wet feet and bagels).




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Aix in Autumn

RRYesterday I went to Aix-en-Provence to see some awesome architecture.  Above, on the left, is Le Pavillon Noir by Rudy Ricciotti, the architect who also designed Marseille’s new MuCem.  The Pavillon is home to the Ballet Preljocaj.  On the right is the new conservatorie of Music and Dance by Kengo Kuma, which I like it because it looks like folded paper (and reminds me of a great book called Folding Architecture by Sophia Vyzoviti).KKThe historic centre or Vieil Aix, is predominantly 16th and 17th century.  On Saturdays it is entirely taken up which a huge array of market stalls…
Marche…Which at this time of year are full of colour…
BouquetsDecorativeHerbsAubergineAnd the produce is pumping!
SunflowersCourgeBletteAnother kind of bouquet – WindmillsSong of the Day: Donny Hathaway’s version of Jealous Guy

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