Lincoln Center Love!

I’ve definitely found one of my favourite areas in New York… All the straight lines and bizarre angles, textures and neon!  Apologise for the excessive amount of Lincoln Center photos but the light was so crisp today the whole city looked amazing. C’mon Spring! Please note the duck in the bottom left hand side of the photo below.IMG_2451Walking back up towards Central Park I came across this guy selling books and records outside a pharmacy.Billy Joel and Fame records no less!Bruce Wayne is that you? High rise, low rise, water tower, bridge, smoke, blue sky!I then went to the Green Flea Market on the Upper West Side, where I fell in love with a collection of toy cars and an old bear.

I also really liked a box of patches and a fairly un-PC salt and pepper shaker.

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Sunday in TriBeCa 

I re-watched a lot of fairly cheesy Meg Ryan movies before I came to New York.  These were mostly when Mr Hope was out mountain biking to save his sanity but I think our collective NY film geography definitely comes from movies.  De Niro classics, The French Connection and Ghostbusters being top of the list.  So imagine my unapologetic childlike hysterical excitement yesterday when I saw the Ghostbusters Headquarters! aka Hook and Ladder 8.  A few things, easily missed, that make this place special.As I was walking around TriBeCa I noticed a couple of kids head butting the giant globes hanging in front of this store.  Balloons make up only a small part of the wonderful, and largely inappropriate stock inside.  Draws of (quite realistic looking) turds, boxes of fake fags and books about how to live with a large penis are mingled happily in with a whole load of other, more traditional party fare.Oh, and loo roll with the Presidents face on.I love the fact that my ipad predictive text capitalises the nescessaries in TriBeCa for me.   That, and the fact that Bjork is in there too.  A few photos from the walk home, starting with a great bit of signage.  I should point out that the song of the day/week is Bjork Big Time Sensuality in honor of the MOMA exhibition that I get to walk through everyday.Mutliples -High rise protest - All rant. All slant. All the time.And because it never gets old -

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The West Village 

Today  I went to the West Village to  experience some authentic non-corporate New York vibes.  I read a ton of articles and guides about  walking round The Village and things not to be missed, but in the end I decided just to head to the general area and get lost. So apologise in advance for not giving any street names and instead sharing some of the awesome music pumping out of the independant stores.  Today’s song of the day part one is The Fugees, Killing Me Softly with his Song (possibly one of my Desert Island Discs).Below: I love the idea of being a full time activist! But where does your pay cheque come from?  Fire escape appreciation.  A lot of information on one store front.  It was somewhere around here that I heard Hall & Oates, Rich Girl.Theres no denying the architecture of the West Village is a lovely thing to behold.  This synagogue (I’m assuming) was incredible and squeezed so snugly I between the brownstones it looked like a stuck on facade.  It was somewhere around here (time wise) that I came across a tour group standing in front of Monica and Rachel’s apartment block in Friends! Up until a couple of weeks ago I thought it was filmed here in NY and not in LA like pretty much every single other TV show! But no, sadly not and the exterior shot of the apartment looks just like any other in the neighbourhood but it was still nice thing to see and will always make me smile when it pops up in future viewings.  I suppose the song for this section should be The Rembrants, I’ll be there for you.

Three fun things that caught my eye – 1. An enthusiastically piggy house! 2. Blue mesh netting that was glowing in the light. 3. Fonts, tagging and Mystic Visions.I’m totally bummed that I’ve missed half of this amazing classic kids movie selection and the Film Forum.  The Sound of Music and The Princess Bride!  I wonder how strict they are on having a child with you as I would love to see Back to the Future on the big screen.

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Spring Time!

I am going to tentatively say that spring has arrived in New York City.  THANK GOODNESS.  Maximum respect to any New Yorkers out there who brave this weather year in and year out, because I’ve had 6 weeks of the snow and slush and it’s more than enough to last me a lifetime.  The best thing about daylight savings time coming around last weekend is that I now get out of MoMA and have time to gawp at the city.  Here are a few photos from this evenings mid-town wander… Including some seriously awesome retro neon, some lovely layers and a whole lot of light.

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New Now Next

This is the view from my MoMA office window.  It sums up everything I came to New York for, namely Art, Architecture and something totally different.MoMA gardenI’m sure I’ll feel the need to visit some of the cities prettier neighbourhoods but for now I’m happy with as much glass, steel, layering and concrete Manhattan can give me.  Below are a few of my favourite high rises for the last few weeks – I’m also happy for as much attitude New Yorkers in general can give me… Whether that be style, humour or sass.Couple of classicsKermitChinatown granny


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Somewhere out there is New York City

It’s just well hidden under a flurry of snow.Today I went off piste across Central Park to visit the Catherdral Church of Saint John the Divine on the Upper West Side.The catherdral has an installation by Chienese artist Xu Bing.  The project, called Phoenix (2008-2010), is made up of two birds made from the detritus of China’s construction industry.  Together they weigh 12 tons and are 190 feet long. 

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Goodnight from New York


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