Springtime in NYC

A couple of days of sunshine in Manhattan.  1. West side community garden Tulip festival.  2. The view from Wards Island. 3. Central Park. 4. Romance on the streets of the Upper East Side. 

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Misty Monday

Yesterday Manhattan was in the middle of a big grey cloud, so I went to the Highline to be blasted by wind and rain from every possible angle…Looking downAnd appreciate some of the new art that had popped up since my last visit.
IMG_3584 IMG_3586 IMG_3587I was also enjoying being able to peer round the plants down into the nooks and crannies of NYC.
IMG_3589I’m assuming they were filming something.  Either way, I wish I had a house big enough to fit this light in to! And I hear by encourage everyone to Love a Tortoise Today! possibly the best advert ever.
IMG_3585Descending to street level… 1. Big yellow buses.
IMG_35882. Awesome architectural treasure/Japanese (I think) restaurant.  3. Offices in high demand.  4. The Empire Diner…
Japanese Hip! Cool! Empire5. And without doubt the most inspirational shop of my visit.  Printed MatterSignageInside –
Printed Matter interiorAccording to the blurb on the wall, Printed Matter is ‘the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination, understanding and appreciation of artists’ books’.  It also says the store houses nearly 15,000 books, each as weird and wonderful as the next (that’s me saying that).  A couple of my favourites –Bright and beautful Space PoetryCorb

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THESome OTT Frank Lloyd Wright architecture appreciation.IMG_3388 GIMG_3391IMG_3390Inside – IMG_3393 IMG_3394

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Highline Heaven / DUMBO in the Rain

Today I visited the Highline for the second time.  The first time I headed over to Chelsea was on my third day in New York and only a small section of it was open – cleared from snow and frost.  Today there were the first tiny crocus’s popping up and a ton of people out enjoying the sunshine.  I have maximum love and appreciation for the Highline and hope I’ll be able to see some Spring flowering action before I leave in a few weeks.Ed RushaMirrored First Crocus Grasses cut backAvenue view point Funky temporary scaffolding structureOverlookedI then wandered down through the West Village to find Keith Haring’s Carmine Street swimming pool mural.  I hope it’s only closed for the Winter as it’s an amazing little place, tucked right off Seventh Avenue. Keith Haring Next up I went to Thompson Street to check out some funky shops …The Little Leboski  The Chess ForumAs far as I can tell The Chess Forum is open 24 hours a day and you can drop by, use their boards, have lessons or watch a match.  A typically upbeat NY postcard …SubwayA massive shout out has to go to Sweet Revenge on Carmine Street.  It’s an uber dinky cafe that specialises in cupcakes and wines.  A very dangerous and expensive combination!Sweet RevengeYesterday I went to DUMBO Brooklyn (DUMBO meaning Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and came across an iconic Avenue from Once Upon A Time in America.BridgeArt TarpCoveredThe weather was shitty so I ducked into PS Bookstore and had a rummage.PlayboyFor Mr HopeNative GirlLast up I went to Brooklyn Museum to see the new Jean-Michel Basquiat Notebooks exhibition.NotebooksBasquiat

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Getting High in Manhattan 

IMG_2846This morning I decided to try and get high up over the city.  This was mainly inspired by my visit last night to a 27th floor apartment with the most incredible view over the Lincoln Center, Hudson River and Manhattan in general.  The New Museum in the Bowery has this incredible 7th floor ‘Sky Room’ (love the modesty) which only just tops the view of the building itself.  Designed by Tokyo-based architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA, it looks like seven rectangle boxes stacked slightly askue on top of one another.  All of them are clad in alominium mesh.  If I ever get to throw a party in New York it’s going to be in this room.  Or on the High Line.IMG_2845IMG_2847IMG_2848I then wandered down to Chinatown to find the fake deli at the intersection of Division and Pike streets… IMG_2852IMG_2853And check out the shops and Sunday market stalls.IMG_2849IMG_2850IMG_2855IMG_2851Everything smelt amazing.  My favourite things were the huge nodules of ginger for 90c, some uber long lengths of bamboo (for juicing  I assume) and the crazy thing below.  The guy told me it was called a Thai Durian and that I should eat it, not smell it! I did neither but did watch as he used a palate knife to scoop out this weird grey putty like flesh for somebody else.  It would have to have some serious nutritional properties for me to try it as the texture looked more like tinned fish.  I loved the look of the other funky things below too – nuts, beans and roots? IMG_2800IMG_0970IMG_0971

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Lincoln Center Love!

I’ve definitely found one of my favourite areas in New York… All the straight lines and bizarre angles, textures and neon!  Apologise for the excessive amount of Lincoln Center photos but the light was so crisp today the whole city looked amazing. C’mon Spring! Please note the duck in the bottom left hand side of the photo below.IMG_2451Walking back up towards Central Park I came across this guy selling books and records outside a pharmacy.Billy Joel and Fame records no less!Bruce Wayne is that you? High rise, low rise, water tower, bridge, smoke, blue sky!I then went to the Green Flea Market on the Upper West Side, where I fell in love with a collection of toy cars and an old bear.

I also really liked a box of patches and a fairly un-PC salt and pepper shaker.

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Sunday in TriBeCa 

I re-watched a lot of fairly cheesy Meg Ryan movies before I came to New York.  These were mostly when Mr Hope was out mountain biking to save his sanity but I think our collective NY film geography definitely comes from movies.  De Niro classics, The French Connection and Ghostbusters being top of the list.  So imagine my unapologetic childlike hysterical excitement yesterday when I saw the Ghostbusters Headquarters! aka Hook and Ladder 8.  A few things, easily missed, that make this place special.As I was walking around TriBeCa I noticed a couple of kids head butting the giant globes hanging in front of this store.  Balloons make up only a small part of the wonderful, and largely inappropriate stock inside.  Draws of (quite realistic looking) turds, boxes of fake fags and books about how to live with a large penis are mingled happily in with a whole load of other, more traditional party fare.Oh, and loo roll with the Presidents face on.I love the fact that my ipad predictive text capitalises the nescessaries in TriBeCa for me.   That, and the fact that Bjork is in there too.  A few photos from the walk home, starting with a great bit of signage.  I should point out that the song of the day/week is Bjork Big Time Sensuality in honor of the MOMA exhibition that I get to walk through everyday.Mutliples –High rise protest – All rant. All slant. All the time.And because it never gets old –

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