Colour, Light, Shape and Space

colours doublePhotos from yesterdays visit to la Cite Radieuse and Daniel Buren’s current exposition ‘Defini, Fini, Infini‘.mirrored light sideDetails -reflectioncloseup cornerBright lights -walllooking backAnd a few of the building itself because I love it so much -plantingstaircase concrete

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Sur le Pont

FerrisA few photos from my recent wander around Avignon, including the By Appointment only antique dealer with some jumbo baskets (and lovely window raffia blinds on the stories above).  I would have bought every one of Nathalie du Pasquier’s acid print cushions but at 90 euros each I decided to try and get my hands on some African textiles next time I’m on London’s Goldhawk Road and make something similar.   IMG_7033IMG_7032IMG_7034Love the pinkness, this cute toy shop window display and the boarder of waves.  Happy menWavesEnjoying a moment away from the heat and burning midday sun in the church on Rue Sainte Agricol.
domelightI also went to the newly re housed Collection Lambert.  Now temporarily installed in the former Prison Sainte-Anne behind the Papal Palace. WhoAbove: Who do you think you are? Barbara Kruger.  Below: Musee du Louvre Paris, Candida Hofer.  Great ice cream walls too!
Candida HoferBelow: J’ai reve d’un autre monde, Claude Leveque
IMG_6909Double doors -Double doors

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The Med

Sunday was 31 degrees in the shade so I went to see the sea.SwimmerBeach barSormiou is part of the Calanques (limestone inlets along the French coast that look like fingers) and only 15 minutes bus ride from the centre of Marseille.  It might not be St Tropez but with estimated population of 85,5000 I expected one of Marseille’s closest stretches of water to be a whole lot busier.Mini HarbourBoat boyI have only ever visited the Calanques from the Cassis end, where you have to walk through Cassis to reach them and the whole experience is one high end South of France harbour money stripping extravaganza – wine, sea food, ice cream, postcards, maps and crap sea side shell art.  Sormiou is amazing because you have to park in some grotty Marseille suburb with boarded up houses and yet within 10 minutes hiking the view looks like this -High pointFirst viewThere is a road in, but it looks like a Top Gear test track and apparently takes about an hour.  There are roughly 24 Calanques reaching 20km from the south west tip of Marseille, along the bottom bit of French coast to Cassis.  Clarkson-esque

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Patterns and Light

A few photos from my recent 24 hours in the UK! London for a cultural walk around (exhibition of the trip is definitely ‘Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album’ at the RA) and Hampshire for a friends wedding on her beautiful Chamomile farm.

















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Tour de France 2014

20140721-084354-31434093.jpgYesterday the Tour de France came through our part of the world… And came down the stretch of road we use nearly everyday. Despite being the middle of July the weather was hideous and I spent four hours waiting road side under a black cloud.

20140721-084713-31633456.jpgI managed to grab a fair amount of swag/tat from the caravan (promotional vehicles) as they passed through on way to Nimes. The best being a bag of Madelines, the most random being some washing powder and a shopping bag printed up to look like a bag of oven chips.

20140721-084953-31793298.jpgStage 15 saw the Tour ride from Tallard to Nimes, a total of 222km. There were two breakaway riders who passed us about 6minutes before the peloton.

20140721-085520-32120176.jpgThe breakout pair were eventually caught 50metres from the finishing line! The peloton zipped by in approximately 45seconds, nearly knocking me off my feet. Worth it to see all those lovely legs though!





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Avignon Theatre Festival 2014

flyerMonday was Bastille Day, a bank holiday and the first chance I’ve had to visit this years Avignon Theatre Festival.
fontainecellopoetePublicity for the festival says it is one of todays most important contemporary performing arts gatherings…  something I can well imagine given there are about 300 performances (not including the OFF – the Edinburgh Fringe equivalent) and a budget of 12 million euros.  Variety! -flyer take 2enfantsI’ll be going back for a bit more Festival action on Friday or Saturday.  The newly re-hung Collection Lambert will hopefully also be open in it’s new home, the former Prison Saint Anne – one of the first purpose built 18th Century prisons – behind the Papal Palace.
spare chair

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Bikes and Sights …

of my last night in Lyon.  Rhone Piscine tower good advertising For DH SharpCathedrale St Jean Palais des Justice traditional bouchon river crossing

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