L’autumne arrive

Today I went for a wander around the property to see what could be picked… and came back with 19 pears!

Pear and ginger cakes, albeit a bit crumbly as they’re made with maize flour because Maman is a coeliac.

We’re lucky that there’s an abundance of nuts and figs coming into season too.  All the walnuts are now in a bowl waiting to dry out before (no doubt) being made into coffee and walnut cake.  Although the figs are tiny they too will be eaten, probably with ricotta after reading Kitchen Pharmacy by Rose Elliot and Carlo de Paoli.

I LOVE this book and would recommend it for anyone interested in the therapeutic value of food.  Aside from its traditional remedies it also has some great recipes, most of which Mr Hope finds too hippy for his taste!  Much like the wonderful Food For Thought on London’s Neal Street.

In search of all the other cakes.

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