Reclamation Reclamation Reclamation

Now the rental season is over it’s time for Mr Hope and I to properly start our grand plans.  First on the list is to re-do our (rather tired) looking cottage.  We’re lucky that Michael and Angela are happy for us to change it however we see fit …which is really quite exciting.  Dan and I have just spent the day visiting building reclamation yards, the following are our favourites.

It would be fantastic to be able to change the floor tiles, as our current ones are pretty standard Bricolage repro, which seems a shame when there are such beautiful ones around.  The dream tiles would be hexagonal –

For our bathroom we wanted something more fun as its quite small.  I’ve had this reference of patterned bathroom tiles for a while…

and was overjoyed to find something so similar.  Below is the chosen pattern.

One reclamation yard also had some great plants like this rubbery purple one…

and a beautiful Lilly pond.  We also found a free standing communal bath (?) which would make the ultimate natural swimming pond.

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