Lucy’s Leftover Vegetable Soup – one for Emma

With no food in the house and a fridge to defrost I decided to make the best winter food of all – Soup.  I doubt my recipe is any different from anyone else’s except for the levels of spice, I like it HOT!

Chop one onion and three large cloves of garlic.  Add to hot oil that has a generous helping of cumin, harissa, salt and madras powder mixed in.  When onions are brown throw in any veg you have (sweet potatoes, carrots, a lonesome pepper and over ripe abricots went into mine).  Cook until soft then blitz, mixing in yogurt as you go.

I have started reading a collection of Elizabeth David articles and have come to the conclusion that France is the best possible place in which to learn how to cook.  I have definitely developed an appreciation of food I never had before – bizarre yes I know, but somehow Ladbroke Grove Tesco’s doesn’t inspire you to cook in quite the same way.  I love the idea of learning to cook in France, Italy, Greece  etc etc

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