Dungeness – unlikely inspiration

It is another glorious day here in Provence so I decided to start marking out the vegetable garden.  For Christmas my Mum gave me the beautiful book of Derek Jarman’s garden in Dungeness.  Below is the initial inspiration for the circular design of my plot.  I particularly like the middle picture – basically a great big round trench!

A drawing pilfered from someone in Nepal that helped my design along and some rough sketches – thinking things through.A first wonky design drawn in situ:I visualise the sweet pea/french bean dome being made out of willow, something like the one I visited at Anne Hathaway’s cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon years ago.  Amazingly I still have a photo …Dan thinks it’ll be best made out of rebar – not quite so romantic! but practical if it’s to stand the mistral.  Overall measurements and Dans plan for my dome:

A more detailed plan:

Another great Christmas present from Mum are the vegetable garden playing cards that are currently spread out over my desk as I work out my planting plan.  A final photograph of Jarman’s garden that I love – the shale, the sculptures from bizarre salvaged wood and metal.

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