The Larder Time Forgot

Today I found a dead bird. Over Christmas I found another little bird, this time with a broken wing and while it was re-cooperating in a shoe box decided to draw it.  My priority today was cleaning Angela’s outside larder (both inside and out).  It was annoying me that the door looked so grim as it’s right outside the Kitchen, so I’ve sanded it down and put the first coat of Primer on.  In attempt to neaten up Bourrade I am slowly working through a never ending list of small jobs… once this door is complete it will be the end of the metal painting! In the summer it’s quite pretty as the Lavender’s buzzing with bees and all the climbing Roses are out.  Below are some of my drawings of them …I love how free and easy flowers are to draw.  Mr Hope found these old perfume labels in a Brocante for me, I think they cost him 1.50 euros.  The little Brocante in Sault is one of our favourite shops as we found an original Diva poster (a film by Jean-Jacques Beineix) and a french Bond poster – L’Espion qui m’aimait – three guesses which one!Angela’s larder had some groovy labels too – look at the detail!  The one on the far right is my favourite.   I’ve yet to find a Passion flower to draw but I do have Geraniums!Final photo tonight is of the sky – because it never fails to delight.

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