Gateaux Fabulous!

Literally the best thing about French supermarkets is the ridiculous array of cakes.  I think it is so totally fabulous that the equivalent of Sainsburys produces such a dazzling choice!  All shapes, all sizes and pretty much any colour imaginable …I was so over excited (eg taking photos and writing down ingredients) that the patisserie assistant came over and asked if she could help me.   It was at this point that Mr Hope wandered off.My favourite cake to date – a 15 person Millefeuille with Rum.  Although the box of chocolate chip muffins with the label MUFFING CHOCO comes a close second.  Before going shopping we had our weekly French lesson with the wonderful Caro where the phrase of the day was ‘une boite de nuit’ meaning nightclub.  A truly bizarre literal translation is ‘a box of the night’ which makes it without doubt the random-ist Frenchism yet … seeing as I live 800m up a mountain I shouldn’t think it’ll prove that useful but you never know!  After lunch we went for a trudge in some seriously deep snow.The road leading to Bourrade, complete with 8 inches of sugary snow.  The lovely thing about the snow here is that its dry.  Powdery, light, the kind that sprinkles if you kick it, I am loving this weather.Below are a couple of one minute drawings I did while out and about. A final photo proving once and for all that Angela is right to suspect there is a Beast of Bourrade.  Look at the size that paw print!  Dan was in full David Attenborough mode following the prints around the clearing when I managed to obliterate them while moving out of his way.  

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