Another weekend, another outrageous view (or two)

I love Februarys in France! The sky is blue, the sun is out, the days are getting longer and it’s still cold enough at night to justify a fire and hot food.  I just need the ground to thaw so I can start work on my garden then I’ll be completely happy.  Until then I’m going to enjoy our days sightseeing.  On Saturday we visited Buoux – the massive remains of a fortified hill top village that has been a settlement since pre-historic times.  So …another day, another outrageous view.   Despite Richelieu ordering the forts demolition in 1660 there still remain three defensive walls, a chapel, houses, storage holes and a hidden stairway.     The stairs down – yes there are some stairs there! they’re just vertical.  Oh and theres no outside wall.All did not go to plan when we arrived however as the guardian, who was having a quiet day with his grandchildren and looked like the BFG, informed us that ice needed to melt before he could let anyone look around (at 1125metres it would be pretty bad for anyone to slip and fall off he explained, yes we agreed)… and also he was officially closed till May.  Luckily he was as friendly as he looked and told us to come back at 2pm after lunch.  Now, I’m not a fan of endless pictures of food as they inevitably never look the least bit appetising but this meal was probably one of the best I’ve had in France.  Fat, juicey Moule Marinere cooked in what could have been garlic soup it was so buttery followed by Almond and Honey tart.Aside from the horrid spray cream that seems to come with every desert in France, this meal was perfect and cost 12euro.  It was one of two things offered as Saturdays menu and sums up why French food is so great – you get the best of whats going then and there with no fuss.  If you’re still not sold on how groovy this place was then check out the door:We had an incredible day not least because we were the only people wandering round the fort at Buoux but because when we returned the guardian let us go in for free.

Sunday started early as Dan had to be in Gordes at 8am for the start of the VTT season.  The amazingly well organised day of mountain biking had four different route (length) options, free half way food and Sunday lunch upon completion.  Mr hope did 2,400 feet of climbing on a 30km loop.  I had an Almond Croissant and the vert that lasted 2hours.The glorious Gordes – not so glorious in the Summer when you can’t actually see it for the tourists.A tired Dan with pink wine, boar stew with rice, Camembert and bread.

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