L’Isle sur la Sorgue

It’s 22 degrees! whoop yeah Spring is here!  Over the weekend we went to L’Isle sur la Sorgue, antique mecca and extortion capital of Provence.  The great thing about L’Isle is that there is inspiration everywhere.  All the shops, stalls and even cafes are pitching their wares to wealthy, which means fantastic displays of furniture, fixtures, fittings and fabric.  Luckily I enjoy finding the same thing elsewhere.  The over all look of Sorgue (if there is one) is worn, industrial and useful not ‘countryside shabby chic’ as magazines would have you believe.  I have yet to see a chic example of French country design.  Aside from the antiques I love L’Isle for the colours …For lunch we went to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse.  The river Sorgue was crystal clear but bloody freezing!  There was no paddling on our picnic.  After lunch we wandered up to see the fontaine itself – the source of the Sorgue hidden beneath 230m of cliff.  Dan and I had to climb over security barrier in order to scramble forward (on scree, in flip flops) to see this tiny pool of water that is supposedly one of the worlds most powerful natural springs.                                                                 For me the graffiti on the cliff face was equally as interesting as it reminded me of some letters I’d seen in L’Isle earlier on.  On Sunday we finally found Avignon’s VO (version original) cinema.  Cinema Utopia had the plushest red velvet seats, retro ticket stubs that I can’t get enough of and a fun dinky cafe – Sunday heaven!

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