The week so far …

We have started two major projects this week, I say we, it’s mainly Dan doing all the hard graft (digging trenches, removing rubble) while I run around re-potting plants and raking over soil.  The first is to build a new front terrace for the Mas with retaining side wall boarding the existing flower bed.  The second is to cut back the grass line on the drive.As well as helping Dan I’ve been working my way through the seemingly never-ending list of gardening bits and bobs.  Potting up flowers …Cutting down the seven pampas grasses that had reached Triffid proportions…A mini clear-up project that will make a big difference, the front entrance to the house is never used.  After clearing the leaves, unblocking the drains and cutting back / de-weeding the miniature flower bed and pots I made a few quick drawings.  I’m still unsure as to what to plant in the mini bed (just seen on the right).  For now I’ve filled it with displaced iris’ from Dans front trench.                           


2 thoughts on “The week so far …

  1. Jeni Roddy

    Lucy just saw this on facebook, so lovely to see what you’re up to in life, lots of love and luck with planting ; ) xx Jen

    1. labonnevieenprovence

      Karmen!! Thank you so much! I saw your lovely cushions pop up on fbk and meant to comment. I hope alls good with you, all ok here …blogging saving me from madness while living in the middle of nowhere, if you’re ever in the south of France you must come and see us x x x x x x x

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