Wild Colours

A BIG thank you goes out to Miss Emma Wilson of London, England for all her hard graft this weekend!  With Emma’s help Mr Hope and I have prepared the Vegetable garden for planting up… hopefully this friday when we’ll be trying our luck at the Carpentras wholesale flower and plant market.  Below is my first rough ‘companion planting’ plan – 1&2 Pea teepees with Aubergine, Tomato and Basil.  3 Onions, Lettuce.  4 Onions, Carrots.  5&6 Squashes and Sweetcorn underneath Bean dome, Courgettes, Potatoes.  The rectangular area at the top of the plan will be planted with fruit trees and bushes, some lavender and wild garlic.  Just outside the fence-line are three rampant Rhubarb plants that I will leave where they are.  Rhubarb Crumble here I come!Finally a collection of wild colours around Bourrade today –  

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