Art, Ice Cream and a bit of Kitsch – pretty much the perfect day

As the wind speeds at Bourrade have now reached 100km an hour Dan and I decided to spend the day in L’Isle sur la Sorgue window shopping.  On todays wish list a massive back lit map of the world!Today’s major find however was the newly opened Villa Datris, a contemporary sculpture gallery in the middle of L’Isle.  Below is my edit of pieces from the current exhibition Mouvement et Lumiere.A couple of my sketch book pages showing ideas/inspiration for moving sculptures like the Mark di Suvero one above.

Beautiful tiled section of the garden path – Villa Datris also had a fantastic reading room.  The library table included a collection of Arman’s work – a Nouveaux Realist whose retrospective we saw at Centre Pompidou last year. My rough drawings of his smashed cellos – We also dropped in on our favourite antique shop Le Petite Curieuse to see if she had any new weird and wonderful items.  Dan fell in love with a life size painting of a cheetah (which sounds hideous but was actually tres stylized and tres chic) while I thought this baby rocking chair was the kitsch-est thing I’d ever seen!I like the blues, greys and greens on the rubble wall even if it does remind me of our yet to be completed bathroom since Dan chipped all the tiles off.  I’m also appreciating the big floral statement.  No trip to L’Isle would be complete without a visit to my secret fabric warehouse.  The owners have literally thousands of pieces of fabric and haberdashery, all of which I would happily buy.  It’s unusual that I come away without a little swatch but today I resolved myself to once and for all start my own fabric emporium. PS The ice cream of the title refers to the two balls of banana sorbet and the three balls of  dolce latte and one ball of pistache Dan managed to scoff for pudding.  Nothing like ice cream on a grey day!

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