Eurgh I have hideous WordPress gremlins that mean I can’t upload photos! booooo.  Seriously irritating as so much has been happening here at Bourrade.  So here is a very short post with the important news that France has a new President!  As far as I can tell Francois Hollande is held in only moderately higher regard then Nicolas Sarkozy.  This is  going on the election poster is Murs, where Hollande had a bright red spot of spray paint over is nose and Sarkozy the word ESCROC (crook) scribble on his forehead.  Hummm …clown or crook? I’m not sure which is better.Dan and I were completely oblivious to both British and French bank holidays but did manage to enjoy our first evening outside.  Sorry but I’m going to get that in there! It’s the one photo I was able to upload!


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