Frogs and Snails

This post has nothing to do with food and everything to do with rain.  Since the last two days have been the wettest since I arrived in Provence every frog and snail is on the move.  Last night we saw about 100 frogs hopping across the road and today I put my foot in my shoe to find a snail the size of an egg asleep in the toe end!  I will never again leave my shoes outside the front door.Todays view – The only plus side to all this rain is that the garden is getting a good watering… and very excitingly the cherries are starting to come out.In other news – I found a bee hive in between the window and the shutters in the Bastide.  Dan was rather pleased by this as we have been hoping to keep bees for a while and they can (apparently) be transported to a new home, although I am dubious.  As the hive is roughly the size of two rugby balls I think I’ll leave to to Dan to tackle.  

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