Boar Ahoy!

This morning there was a Boar in the swimming pool!  Judging by all the poo he left around the side he’d been munching cherries all night long.  I wish I’d been quicker with the camera as wild boar are such funny looking creatures and this one was massive and up to his knees in water.  They have soft, feline looking ears, an amazing jaw that looks like it opens from the ears and tiny, very human eyes.  Their colouring makes them look like they’re constantly silhouetted and this mornings encounter reminded me of my latest amazon purchase. Great graphics!  After the excitement of the Boar I went to pick some Cherries.  All 35-ish  trees now look like this – As we’ve been working flat out trying to get things ready for the first guests I thought I’d make something nice for tea.  This is an awesome Jamie Oliver recipe (from his Jamie’s Kitchen cookbook, page 295) that I added Chocolate and Cherries to instead of his suggested Plums (no pun intended) .   Blitz 250g of brown sugar and 250g of cubed butter.  When smooth and creamy add to 250g of Almond Powder, half a teaspoon of vanilla powder and two large eggs.  Place in the fridge to cool.  Roughly chop enough dark chocolate to cover the the base of a blind baked pastry case.  Scatter the chocolate and sprinkle over a large handful of pitted Cherries.  Spoon the Almond mixture over the top and cook for about an hour until brown.  Serve with Creme Fraiche.

Song of the Day:  You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon.

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