Two Years in Provence

Dan and I have been living in Provence for two years and two days.  All week we have been working in the garden till late so tonight we are celebrating with a mega menu of our favourite French dishes (more of which later).  Today however I have been de-weeding and am proud to announce I have amassed approximately … i’m not sure …whatever three of these big bags from Sylvestre (a builders merchants) equates to.  Sorry for the blurry picture.It’s nice to see everything in full bloom.  Two of my favourite colours from the day have to be the Lavender and the Mulberries – which stain everything.Below is our Menu for tonight.  I should say there will be a cheese course and probably coffee and dark chocolate after the pudding too.  It was after much deliberation that we settled on …For the ultimate french main course it has to be rabbit.  You can buy it in the supermarket here for the same price as a chicken and while I love bunnies I also think this recipe is one of the best EVER.  Find it in Jamie’s Kitchen by Jamie Oliver, page 155.

Braised Rabbit – Flip your rabbit pieces in flour seasoned with salt and pepper.  Remove from the flour and fry in olive oil until golden on one side.  When you turn the pieces over add in a bunch of rosemary and 6 cloves of squashed garlic (with their skins on).  Next add half a bottle of white wine, bring to the boil and add the remainder of the ingredients – 4 anchovy fillets, a few black olives and 3 halved plum tomatoes (I use cherry tomatoes instead as I think they’re sweeter).   Cook for 25 minutes at 190degrees.  For my ultimate French pudding I’ve gone for Tarte au Citron.  Dans agree’d only after a lengthly discussion when he finally conceded that Tiramisu was Italian.  This is the first recipe I’ve tried from a visually gorgeous book called The Food of France published by Murdoch Books, page 259.  The tart currently cooling on my table looks quite like the photo but I’ll have to try it and let you know.

Lemon Tart – For the lemon filling whisk 4 eggs with an extra 2 egg yokes and 285g of fine sugar.  Add in 185ml of double cream, the juice of one lemon and the zest of lemons.  Pour into your blind baked pastry case and cook for 35-40 minutes at 190 degrees.

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