The First

The first guests arrived over the weekend and we have been up at 5.30am preparing the pools/breakfast/itineraries since.  Dan and I also cooked our first three course supper of the season which, after a hectic week has just about tipped me over the edge – I’m planning on doing a lot of afternoon napping!  Apologise in advance if none of the following makes sense.To celebrate (wrong word) we decided to go out for lunch.  As the season is now in full flow we couldn’t get a seat at our usual restaurant so we thought we’d try Le Jardin du Quai – a slightly fancy winery thats in the Michelin guide 2012.Don’t be fooled by the empty tables, it was rammed (I took this at 4pm when we left).  There was a set menu that suited me just fine as I loose the ability to make decisions when I’m tired.  The starter was a alabaster chunk of cod on broad beans, bacons and truffle shavings.  All of which was dowsed in Olive oil and Basil leaves.  The main was roast chicken with Balsamique and red wine jus, new potatoes and tiny fungi.  All in all it was pretty good although it seriously lacked salt and despite all the pretty boys in long aprons running around I couldn’t seem to lay my hands on any.  The dessert however was possibly one of the best I have EVER had.  I rather foolishly forgot to take a picture, being overwhelmed as I was by the prospect of a rich white chocolate mousse triangle, held together by three thick slabs of (I’m guessing 90%) dark chocolate.  It had a cute little cherry on the top and dainty dollop of peach sorbet, finished with a icing sugar covered Basil leaf, to the side.  I think I would have preferred 5 of them to the rest of the meal but it was a fun way to spend lunchtime.  My fluro Tea Vert that came sans biscuit or chocolat tit-bit!  The paper place mat had a charming scribble line drawing of the house.  Below – A couple of nice touches, the flowers were wonderfully perfumed.  After lunch Dan headed to our favourite cafe Cafe de France while I went for a wander around L’Isle.  Never underestimate the power of packaging!  I never beauty products, let alone limited edition lip balm but was tempted into L’Occtane by the design.Cafe de France in all its retro French glory.

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