Avignon Theatre Festival

For my triumphant return to writing (complete with brand new camera) I had planned the perfect outing to the annual Avignon Theatre Festival.  Alive with musicians, actors and street performers of every kind this is Avignon’s chance to showcases it’s talented diverse inhabitants and glorious architecture.  Instead of this wonderful throng of life, I got drizzle and a sky closely resembling ink.  Earlier on in the evening, before the rain closed in, we met up with friends in a square that looked pretty typical for this time of year – full of people, posters and food.We ate at Ginette and Marcel, a bistro specialising in Tartine – a dish that looks suspiciously like cheese on toast, albeit a gourmet version.  With my Brie, Honey and Walnut slice I had a green salad and Kir Breton.  A little tumbler of Cidre and Cassis which was so refreshing I had four.  Ginette and Marcel had some great styling, from the blue metal tables to the flyers and retro packaging and even the cake cupboard – I love that writing!After Lemon Meringue Pie and Green Tea we wandered around till about midnight.    Although we didn’t see any shows (I’m not sure my French would stretch quite as far as alternative fringe theatre) I would recommend the Festival to anyone.  Just to walk about this sometimes shabby, occasionally glorious and slight rough city is fantastic.  Below are a few photos that I hope capture the atmosphere.  Apologises for the varying quality of them …I’m still trying to figure out settings etc.  

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