Classic Pieces vs Funky Junk

Yesterday I went to the Brocante festival Sorgue.  Below are a few of the things that caught my eye.  I have included the prices and given an indication of what I have learnt to be a reasonable amount to part with for a similar item.

Classic PiecesMetal garden furniture in Provence is a thing a great beauty and this table and four chair set was a relative good deal at 500 euros.  I think I like it so much because it reminds me of the Penguin cafe in Mary Poppins.Various kitchen items range from 2 euro to I should imagine 200.  The bundle of forks and spoons below was 30 euro.  I also liked a 64 piece set of plates, side plates and bowls – thick white china with a thin gold band on the rims – for 80 euros. Copies of Paris Match from various decades were available from 5 euro.  I probably should have bought the few 1960s magazines with Brigette Bardot on the cover as they were only 20 euro each (that nows sounds like quite alot!).  I can understand why valuable editions should be protected but wasn’t keen on not being able to open the sealed bag to check the inside was in good condition.Sometimes you just have to go on how much you like an item.  This sink and soap dish had been taken from a boat …admittedly the owner had the rest of the boat there too!  Solid metal hooks for 30 euros, clocks for 200 upward, lights from 60 euros.  I thought this little sink was lovely and at 60 euro not extortionate.I really liked this little cupboard.  At 80 euros I think I was rather silly not to buy it as internally it was in good condition.

Funky JunkThese terrine dishes were all around the 50 euro mark.  The rabbit is my favourite.  Expect the price to increase with the age of the dish.There were lots of this classic style telephones about, ranging from 180 euro(!) to this far more reasonable one at 60 euros.  When I picked this Orange dream up however there was an almighty clunk – so I’m assuming that all was not well inside.  Lesson here is that you get what you pay for, but if you’re going to pay ‘top dollar’ make sure the seller can prove its working!  While still in the UK I found a wonderful clear plastic, and therefore see through, version of this phone.I love the cover art.  Livres ancien tend to be quite expensive in Provence, normally because the seller can make more cash by ripping out the illustrations and selling them individually.  Metal letters are every where in Sorgue.  The lady who had this stand had very little but.  My favourite all time words would be – CHAPEAU for my bedroom and PATISSERIE for anywhere.  Prices start at 10 euro a letter (roughly A4 size).28 euros worth of Pig shaped chopping board.  Other boards normally start around 15 euros.

2 thoughts on “Classic Pieces vs Funky Junk

  1. George

    Loving the pig shaped chopping board! Not too sure about the terrine dishes!! How’s the bartering going, and what did you purchase? Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding.x

    1. lucyaliceholmes

      I found a duck shaped chopping board too – so cute! Bought nothing as the bartering was non-exsistant, nobody was budging at all which is sad as I was considering buying Becca a big fat duck terrine dish for a wedding present!! Settled on the usual John Lewis stuff instead (boooo) See you soon! xxx

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