The Blue Door

It seems like such a long time since I last wrote… or seemingly did anything note worthy!  Today however was a nice break from the change of seasons preparations (pruning plum trees, chopping wood, bonfire building etc) and Dan and I were very happy to spend a couple of hours in L’Isle sur la Sorgue seeing what was new.  My favourite piece was this pretty marquetry chair.  I also loved the various fabrics surrounding it – linen, checked cotton, tweed – and the soft green of the bed it sat on.The white chair peeking out of the bottom right corner in the top picture was also quite charming and in need of upholstery.  Now Dan and I can start thinking about buying pieces for our little house it’s far more interesting!  This unusual light also caught my eye although I think our ceilings are too low… and I really liked the set of narrow shutters.  While wandering around Sorgue the blue door below reminded me to add re-painting our shutters to the list of Winter jobs …… and this glorious example of a fruit tree to add try and grow a Pomegranate tree to the Spring list.My final excitement of the day came from the layers of lettering on the menu board at the Cafe du Village – small pleasures!

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