Town and Country

Our grey day in Aix-en-Provnece started off as a bit of a flop when the flea market I had so excitedly found turned out to contain nothing more exciting than a box with 1728 marbles.Things picked up as we headed into the centre as the Sunday fruit and veg market was on and while Dan had his regular cafe enlongee I wandered around to see what produce was coming into season – quite a colourful lot as it turned out.I’m tempted to try making Coing/Quince paste as they’ll be in every market for the next few months … along with far more experienced people selling great home-made wedges of the stuff.  Still, I think I’ll give it a go along with plain old roasting them which is supposed to be fantastic with meat.I also wandered into the wonderfully fancy patisserie Weibel.  Despite the slightly strange name the cakes were heavenly.  I bought some petits fours tiny one-bite sized cakes, I opted for coffee.  I’m sure the idea is you buy a selection (some fruity, some meringue based, some with nuts or chocolate) to be passed around apres le dejeuner but with only Dan and I in the house I thought better of it.  We then had lunch in a little place we go to a lot but I’ve yet to find the name of.  I had Couscous Royale – Couscous cooked in stock with onions, celery, chickpeas, paprika, turmeric and I think coriander seeds.   Into that mix is thrown thick slices of roasted red pepper, halved tomatoes and butternut squash, some chicken, lamb and a Merguez (a thin chippolata style, heavy harissa’d lamb) sausage.  I followed that with Pannacotta served with smashed, as in broken not boozy, pistachios and balsamique vinegar.  Even now incredibly full and warm!Now back at home I should introduce our new goat Pippa, or Tiny on account of her size, which is roughly the size of our cat.Song of the Day: Stand by Me by The Chosen Few.

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