Sorgue on Sunday (and beyond)

Now that Autumn is well an truly here many of the stall holders at L’Isle sur la Sorgue’s sunday antique market are keen to get rid of their wares.  I knew it was a good idea to brave the rain last weekend as I purchased a nearly new deep sided Le Creuset frying pan for 25€.  I meant to take a photo as it is such a thing of beauty but was distracted by the boxes full of paper soldiers at the next table.I chose this splendid prancing horseman while Dan picked a Moor, complete with gold sash and red cape.  Both of whom are now sitting in front of our paintings of Afghanistan.  Some other finds of the day were these naff novels, check out the covers! –I also saw this yellow leather cube and chair.  I like the mix of popping colours and (re-pro) trad.  After a while, when we wind and rain became unbearable, we ventured into the Village de la Gare for lunch.  I love this place.  It’s set back from the road out of the centre and has a really unique mix of shops.  The one cafe has three things of the menu, a log fire and is frequented by stall holders and fruit market men.  Dan and I both opted for mixed mushroom Ravioli and a shared tarte aux pomme.  We were sat next to two old guys who did nothing but smoke, eat Pomegranates and use the back of their lighters to rub the silver bit off scratch cards.The tarte aux pomme was just one of the cakes I’ve had over this weekend.  While waiting to go into the cinema on sunday night Dan and I tried a Bois Blanc – basically layers of sponge, coconut cream and liqueur cherries coated in white chocolate.  While it was pretty damn good my new favourite treat has to be the little Portuguese egg custard tarts I tried at the Bonfire party we went to yesterday.  Please note the THREE desserts on my plate – Portuguese tart, Moelleux aux chocolat and dark chocolate treacle cake.I love the French.  Our hosts, Jacques who is 80 and his girlfriend Marie-Chantel invited us to supper at their home over looking the Dentelles.  Despite it being a normal Monday night Jacques had a magnum of champagne open and 15 people due.  He employes two Portuguese couples who work in his vineyard and they prepared the following feast – potted shrimp on toast (that was wonderfully spicey, flavoured as it was with nutmeg, piri piri chilli and lemon) Chrizo cooked in the flames of eau de vie,  fois gras with pain d’epices (spiced bread, a favourite with jam), Mushroom tart, Chicken with potatoes, carrots and leeks, cheese (of course), salad and then the three puddings mentioned above.  Dan and I provided the fireworks.

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