Magical Menerbes

MarieIt’s taken me three years to visit Menerbes… shameful I know, considering it is practically the epicentre of A Year in Provence.  Now however I’m immensely pleased it’s taken me so long as it’s clear neither Dan or I would particularly like to live anywhere else in the Luberon.  We only had half an hour to walk around so this a very quick post of my top five photos.  Top: Light.  Below: a gorgeous garden and fantastic type face.GardenCosy Cafe Colours –ColoursI should mention that Menerbes also has a couple of exquisite galleries with interesting, contemporary art – mainly paintings but prints too.  This is such a nice change from the usual shite you find in these tourist villages.  I had been (and still am) hoping to open a pop-up gallery but it is proving almost impossible to do as in London and hire a space without an intimate knowledge of French law and a mammoth amount of schmoosing (and l’argent).  If I do ever manage it, Menerbes would be my number one spot.disparu

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