Friends with Benefits

We have made a lot of wonderful friends since moving to Provence, none more so then the owners of Chateau Unang who are the embodiment of friends with benefits.  Anyone for a drink?  Chateau Unangor nine?beaucoup Yesterday was the Fete de la Lumiere, a celebration held 40 days after Christmas more excitingly known as the jour des crepes.  I can’t remember the last time I had a crepe, whenever it was I’m pretty sure it was no where near as satisfying as the ones I had last night – thick with ham and cheese.  Traditionally Fete de la Lumiere crepes as accompanied by cider.  Last night however I had Champommy! A very naff, incredibly popular non-alcoholic fizzy apple juice for children that comes in a Champagne bottle, cork and all.  Its lovely to see that children all over the world like flipping pancakes.  Today we have a pudding adverse friend coming for lunch so I’ve made a fruit course that will hopefully satisfy our sweet tooth too and his lack of one.

Orange and Cinnamon Salad

Peel 4 large oranges and slice thickly.  When arranging on a plate sprinkle each layer with a little demerara sugar and freshly grated cinnamon.  If you prefer something with a little more kick you can use chilli flakes instead.Orange salad

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