Picking Up Patrick Heron

blossomI seemed like the whole of London was jiggling about in the sunshine today.  The sky was so blue that I think everyone was in shock, the playing fields and tennis courts at the end of my street were packed with people licking 99ers and generally just lounging about.  I however was on a mission and headed to Somerset House’s Pick Me Up graphic arts festival.Hattie Stewart

The whole thing totally blew my mind.  It was jam packed with people and the artists on show were awesome.  There were also pop up shops, live music, little events and workshops for all ages.  If ever there was a reason to borrow a child for the day this is it – Ardman

I bought a print from Damien Florebert Cuypers called Kenzo Runway, Paris Fashion Week (below) for £10 but was otherwise remarkabley restrained.Damien Florebert Cuypers

Afterwards I went to the National Portrait Gallery to see a display of Patrick Heron’s work.Self-portrait

They have this self-portrait on permnant display which I love (including the stretched grey fabric wall it’s hung on) but I really came to see his Studies of a portrait of T.S Elliot… which I could look at all day.  I like his use of colour and the fact the paintings almost look collaged.Heron temporary display


On the way home I went to the new Photographers Gallery.  I say new because the last time I went it was in the middle of Soho next to Orbital Comics.  It still (just) in Soho but now in a rather more impressive building.  All of the photographs on show, Chris Killip’s series What Happened In Great Britain 1970 – 90 were my favourite.  Boo and His Rabbit 1983 would be the one for my wall, followed closely by Housing and Swan Hunters Shipyard 1975.Housing and Swan Hunter's Shipyard 1975

Boo and His Rabbit 1983

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