Belated Weekend Colours


I am finding such inspiration in all the wonderful London flowers at the moment, walking through St James’ park to work everyday is such a treat.  The beautiful weekend weather seemed to make all the colours pop.  I love the Wisteria… and against a baby pink front door too.  So chic!yellowPortobello Road is definitely one of my favourite places in London.  Even with all the tourists and tourist tat it’s still as fun as it looks in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  I would quite like to have this bus as a side board in France –Baby BusThe clothes on Portobello are always to die for – Chanel bags, fur (sorry), costume jewellery.  This time I was appreciating the many military jackets.  I especially like the white two piece (tennis set?) with purple edging below.JacketJacketsHarper and TomsMy top two treats are flowers and books – second hand only though please.  I’m not precious about my literature and will read anything and everything so there’s no way I’m paying £7.99 for a new book when it probably cost £2 to print.  In China.  With that in mind all trips to Portobello have to end with a quick scout around the Notting Hill Book and Comic Exchange.  Most of my Vogue collection has been bought for £1 from this shelf.Comic Exchange

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