RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Yesterday I went to the Chelsea Flower Show.pompomsgrassesAs far as job perks go getting tickets to the 100 anniversary of this British Institution was pretty good!  The Great Pavillion was such a lovely environment, so light and colourful with big swatches of pinks, reds and oranges.  The smell was wonderful too.  I would love to know more about plants and flowers instead of just what I like… like flowers with big fluffy pompom heads, spikey grasses and anything wild and messy looking like these Aquilegia below…Aquilegia

and these Hollyhocks.Hollyhocks

Outside the show gardens were nearly impossible to get near, there were so many people.  I like the softness of this garden (the muted colours, the shaping of the box and all the layers) against the scultpure – A big thank you to the lady whos finger is so helpfully pointing to it.  If I ever manage to own a my own house (or thinking bigger a sculpture park!) this is what my garden will look like.Show garden

Of all the gardens my favourite was this ‘Artisan Garden’ for the NSPCC designed by Adam Woolcott & Jonathan Smith.NSPCC

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