The Longest Day of the Year

To celebrate the longest day of the year Mr Hope and I went to Marseille to a joint Fete de la Musique (the traditional sit around/sing along all night gig celebrated throughout France) and Fete de Panier – a mix of music and food in the Marseille’s oldest district.
DayLightsIt all started off fairly civilised with Dan and I wondering around the connected squares listening to the various bands and DJs on offer.  There were Creole bands, African drummers, gypsy manouche groups (kind of honky tonk guitars and drums) and one house blasting out Arabic dance tunes.  Most of the inhabitants of Panier were outside their home selling BBQ’d Merguez, chicken wings and sardines.  And quite alot of hooch of course.  Mojitos and flavoured Rhum were everywhere too.mojito manI had some outrageously wonderful fish samosa’s with pineapple chilli chutney and a heart shaped molleaux au chocolat before things started to get a little crazy – Like 15,000 people clubbing to sets by Nova DJs bopping around to Tainted Love by Gloria Jones and a kilo of hash being dumped on BBQ… hence the smoke.NovaFoodLookoutpeople

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