I am currently sweltering 39 degrees worth of dry Provence heat so can only apologise if this post is a little light on words.  In brief – Yesterday was my birthday! and to celebrate I went to see the Picasso Ceramiste et la Mediterranee exhibition in Aubagne, near Marseille which was on as part of the Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture.Picasso Below are a few of my drawings of what is without doubt one of my favourite all time exhibitions.  I could go back every day till it finishes in Octobre and still see something fun and new.  I loved his minimal use of colour, just black, greys, white and blues on terracotta and I am really loved how consistantly bizarre and unique he was.  As one lady who was standing beside me exclaimed Quelle Imagination! 1facefish2For the Capital of Culture celebrations Aubagne was also home to the mobile Centre Pompidou that was sadly closed.  The stickers all over town were enough to keep me happy though.
PompAfter Aubagne Mr Hope and I headed to Aix where once again wilted in the heat and spent the afternoon people watching, but not before being greatly cheered by the market.
Sun sun sun

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