Le Corbusier and the Question of Brutalism

Quite a heavy title for a seriously fun day in Aix (shopping for a fur hat, eating too much) and Marseille (culture, sea, walking around in the sunshine) but Mr Hope and I loved the Le Corbusier exhibition at J1 so much I’m tempted to go again if only for the EXHIBITION DESIGN…20131029-173240.jpg


20131029-173423.jpgCOLOUR AND COLLAGE INSPIRATION 20131029-173612.jpg


20131029-173723.jpgAbove top: shapes and spaces over line drawing.  Middle: collaging with gaffa tape! B&Q here I come.  Bottom: big, tense colours.  The inescapable VIEW …20131029-173817.jpgand the fact Le Corbusier design tapestries.20131029-173931.jpgAnother totally random but equally wonderful exhibition in J1 was a display of children’s maps as designed from their favourite things. The best one has to be this cake map!20131029-174024.jpgI also liked this island map.20131029-174139.jpgDan and I then waked along the port front to see the newly opened Museum of the Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean.20131029-174227.jpg


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