The Week That Was

I have had an awesome week.  A very typical pre-Christmas week in some respects, mainly lots of friends and food!  On Thursday Dan and I went to the Restaurant de la Gare at Bonnieux, a place we have been meaning to visit for three years.  La Gare only serves lunch and there is only one set menu …for 13 euros, which is a ridiculously small sum for any type of three course meal, let alone one of the best I have had here in Provence.  You start with a large selection of crudites.  I had spiced lentils with garlic chickpeas and uber thinly sliced (almost transparent) beetroot.  The main was Porc Roti, dauphinois potatoes and a roasted tomato.  The pudding was chocolate fondant.  All in all, totally wonderful and the place was lovely too.tilesI have also been to L’Isle sur La Sorgue this week.  Croissant and chocolat chaud for breakfast followed by some junk browsing.  Below are a few of my favourite finds, including a couple of kitsch wonders.pop colour mobile salt and pepper mirror oyster plate?Creche sheepOn Saturday Mr Hope and I went to Aix to visit Fondation Vasarely.  Vincent Vasarely is largely credited with popularising geometric/optic art in Europe.  The foundation was built in 1976 out of large hexagonal blocks.  Today it all looks rather sad and ropey, like a disused sci-fi set.FV1Still, I really liked his massive colourful pieces and drawings.drawingsFV2Special mention should be given to the meal I had on Saturday night – Champagne, Oysters, Squid in olive and tomato sauce, Chicken, cabbage and meringues.

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