PZ - Mare Mater 1PZ - Mare MaterDespite yesterdays hideous weather Mr Hope and I went to Marseille to visit Mucem, a museum of mediterranean culture opened during Marseille’s stint as the 2013 Capital of Culture.  They were showing an installation by Patrick Zachman, a Magnum photographer, who through video and stills was following migrants and their families stories.
PZ - Mare Mater 2The film was projected onto three large screens and was following (as far as I could tell) five men from Tunisia and Algeria as they made their way to Europe.  It was called Mare Mater (Mother Water) and I couldn’t help thinking how bleak and uninviting the Med looked, especially the Mucem building with its lattice work of black cast concrete, designed by Rudy Ricciotti.MucumZHI love the way Marseille has such a mix of old and new, like the Zaha Hadid 142.8 metre high rise (which up close looks like the 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith) and the Roman Catholic cathedral which was built in the 12th century.  In a different part of the J4 complex were three permanent exhibitions – an amazing Gallery of the Mediterranean which I will be going back to in order to properly write about it, a model circus containing over 2000 individually made pieces – animals, spectators, strong men etc, all beautifully hand painted, all the work of one man over 40 years!  It is a shame they had to set the whole thing behind a 7ft fence as it made it impossible to get a decent photo, although I’m sure that was probably the intention.cirquecamelsThey also had a slightly bizarre collection of puppets.dragonvelopuppets

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