Super Hippie

Today the sheep came back to graze at Bourrade, along with their dogs of course.
white socksThe shepherdess, Julie, is on a months stage or internship.  A shepherding internship!  That is without doubt by far the most fabulous thing I’ve heard this year.  Mr Hope and I spotted her freezing her arse off underneath a failing umbrella at the far end of our field.  Over a cup of tea she explained that having studied agriculture at college she decided to do a years specialist course at university because life en plien air appealed more than the alternative.  Even in the driving rain.sheepI quite liked Julie’s ethos of living as simply and lightly as possible.  While not for everyone I think her un-materialist stance was pretty cool.  To be 25 and realise you’re never going to earn (or own) much …and to be OK with that, more than OK even, positively pleased that your life is going to be ‘how do you say in English? A super hippie?’ – You’ve got to admire her conviction.

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