La Friche!

On Saturday morning I visited La Friche de la Belle de Mai: part skatepark, studio space, music venue, library and gallery.  Below is a bit of architectural appreciation –20140416-131854.jpg20140416-131908.jpg20140416-131922.jpg20140416-131939.jpgThey had an exhibition of work by Asco, a group of LA based Mexican artists in the 1970s. From the little I could understand of the mission statement, Asco used often humorous, theatrical stunts (resulting in photographs and films) to highlight the injustices and excess in their community. I was totally taken with Skyscraper Skin, below.


I also like a series of photographs called First Love Object – showcasing bizarre creations.


20140416-133302.jpgThe print workshop/space L’atelier du Dernier Cri also had a couple of wall worthy gems.20140416-133603.jpg



2 thoughts on “La Friche!

    1. lucyaliceholmes

      Wow thank you! If youre ever in Marseille La Friche is well worth checking out, they have great events – like movie nights and workshops. There website is … and always worth a look.

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