Wednesday Morning in Marseille

My time here in Marseille has gone so quickly I can hardly believe I’m heading home this afternoon. I’ve only just started to know my way around! And this morning was the first time I came across the market in Cour Julien.20140416-122628.jpg20140416-122650.jpgI love the wooden chairs, no doubt Mr Hope will be able to tell me who they’re by when I see him later. I also came across a second hand book shop with some great cult classic covers.20140416-122835.jpg20140416-122843.jpgOther things I have loved about staying in the Lodi area are all the colours …20140416-123126.jpgThe various shops …20140416-123204.jpg20140416-123215.jpg20140416-123512.jpgThe outrageous amounts of graffiti …20140416-123604.jpgAnd the views …20140416-123645.jpg

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