Lyon! Lovely Lyon as it turns out. I arrived in here a couple of days ago with no idea what was in store. So far I’ve discovered Parisian architecture (including a mini Eiffel Tower), a UNESCO world heritage site, wall paintings, lots of students, two rivers and France’s third largest Chinatown (the first two are in Paris). The second photo down is one of Lyon’s famous ‘traboules’ or passage ways cut through/underneath the houses, behind ordinary looking doors like photo number one. The open staircases are also a Lyonaisse feature.20140701-150337-54217584.jpg20140701-150338-54218554.jpg20140701-150339-54219546.jpg20140701-150340-54220566.jpg20140701-151217-54737680.jpgThe above sculpture is the only one I can think of where the subjects are two men.

4 thoughts on “Lyon

    1. lucyaliceholmes

      Oh fantastic! It’s such a fun city …I hope you love it as much as I do. The food here is incredible too, you have to try the speciality sweet, it’s kind if like a soft almond macaroon but bright green! The best shop for them is called Voisin. Lucy

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