Lyon, take 2

Lyon TourTo make the most of the blue skies I was breakfasting on the banks of the Rhone by 7.30am.  I then headed up to the Fourviere district (the highest of the city), home to the impressive Basilica and tour metallique de Fourviere – a once observation tower and now Eiffel tower doppelgänger whose job is the decidedly un-glamourous television relay station for Lyon.ViewWinding my way back down towards the city centre I came across some awesome sights – a shop selling nothing but vintage Solex, a Moroccan depot vente (so many gorgeous plates and lights! but all too heavy), a cafe called ‘Cassoulet, Whisky, Ping-Pong’ and a nice bit of neon.
pink neon yellow for DH books Walking through the streets of the Croix-Rousse district I came across Rue Burdeau, the gallery heartland of Lyon.  I liked the contemporary photography gallery Galerie le Reverbere’s display of Beatrix von Conta’s landscapes and GALERIE 48’s show of Alain Menghini’s paintings.
Alain Menghini 1 Alain Menghini 2 Soirie VivanteThe Croix-Rousse area was once home to the cities thriving silk industry.  Anyone in Lyon for any amount of time should visit the incredible soierie vivante – living silk weaving and printing workshops, if only for the crazy William Health Robinson-esque contraptions.  The weaving machine below was about 12ft wide and 6ft deep.SV2 SV1 Also well worth a visit is Passage Thiaffait, one of several traboules or covered passageways in Lyon.
PTBuilt in the 19th century Thiaffait is now a Village des créateurs, home to a dozen workshops that get rented out to local creative entrepeneurs. My favourite was the camera cafe – part gallery, part Polaroid rental shop.Les Beaux Arts MummiesMore archways in the Musee des Beaux Arts …as well as some wonderful mummies and flowers.
FleursFinishing my day in Vieux Lyon …ArchesCream! Jumbo melons

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