Sunday in TriBeCa 

I re-watched a lot of fairly cheesy Meg Ryan movies before I came to New York.  These were mostly when Mr Hope was out mountain biking to save his sanity but I think our collective NY film geography definitely comes from movies.  De Niro classics, The French Connection and Ghostbusters being top of the list.  So imagine my unapologetic childlike hysterical excitement yesterday when I saw the Ghostbusters Headquarters! aka Hook and Ladder 8.  A few things, easily missed, that make this place special.As I was walking around TriBeCa I noticed a couple of kids head butting the giant globes hanging in front of this store.  Balloons make up only a small part of the wonderful, and largely inappropriate stock inside.  Draws of (quite realistic looking) turds, boxes of fake fags and books about how to live with a large penis are mingled happily in with a whole load of other, more traditional party fare.Oh, and loo roll with the Presidents face on.I love the fact that my ipad predictive text capitalises the nescessaries in TriBeCa for me.   That, and the fact that Bjork is in there too.  A few photos from the walk home, starting with a great bit of signage.  I should point out that the song of the day/week is Bjork Big Time Sensuality in honor of the MOMA exhibition that I get to walk through everyday.Mutliples –High rise protest – All rant. All slant. All the time.And because it never gets old –

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