Getting High in Manhattan 

This morning I decided to try and get high up over the city.  This was mainly inspired by my visit last night to a 27th floor apartment with the most incredible view over the Lincoln Center, Hudson River and Manhattan in general.  The New Museum in the Bowery has this incredible 7th floor ‘Sky Room’ (love the modesty) which only just tops the view of the building itself.  Designed by Tokyo-based architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA, it looks like seven rectangle boxes stacked slightly askue on top of one another.  All of them are clad in alominium mesh.  If I ever get to throw a party in New York it’s going to be in this room.  Or on the High Line.IMG_2845IMG_2847IMG_2848I then wandered down to Chinatown to find the fake deli at the intersection of Division and Pike streets… IMG_2852IMG_2853And check out the shops and Sunday market stalls.IMG_2849IMG_2850IMG_2855IMG_2851Everything smelt amazing.  My favourite things were the huge nodules of ginger for 90c, some uber long lengths of bamboo (for juicing  I assume) and the crazy thing below.  The guy told me it was called a Thai Durian and that I should eat it, not smell it! I did neither but did watch as he used a palate knife to scoop out this weird grey putty like flesh for somebody else.  It would have to have some serious nutritional properties for me to try it as the texture looked more like tinned fish.  I loved the look of the other funky things below too – nuts, beans and roots? IMG_2800IMG_0970IMG_0971

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