Saturday Summit – Mont Ventoux

Yesterday Mr Hope and I went for a Saturday morning hike up Mont Ventoux.  Standing 1900m tall the Bald Mountain got its name from the rampant deforestation inflicted upon it by the Romans to feed their ship building industry. The lack of trees means winds can gust up to 250km per hour at the summit but thankfully there was only blue skies and beautiful views yesterday.Mont Ventoux ViewAbove: Looking north towards the southern edge of the Alps.  Below: Hiking up and looking east back down the ridge line.  We managed a three hour hike starting from just above Chalet-Reynard (who do the best crepes!) on a gravel trail along the ridge to the summit and back down the road.up!Mont Ventoux snow poleslooking backAbove: Looking south towards the Plateau de Vaucluse and the petit Luberon in the distance.  There are three buildings at the summit each of which is more sci-fi than the next.  They collect meteorological information, as well as TV transmissions and track military jet movements. The road that snakes up the side of Ventoux was used for testing prototype cars up until the 1970s and is now a favourite Tour de France mountain stage.Mont Ventoux tower2MVtowerMVdomeBelow: Signage on the way down.Mont Ventoux signage

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