Running Rabbit

It’s been a while since I’ve ventured out to L’Isle sur la Sorgue on a Sunday but I figured now the March sun is shining it is a good a time as any.  The first thing I fell in love with were those green shutters and then I saw the patterned sideboard and promised myself to come to L’Isle more often.  Next up were a leaping lamb and running rabbit taken (I’m assuming) from a fair ground ride.  Both of them were in beautiful condition but slightly out of my price range at 4,500€ each! I’d love to have them in my garden though.  And I’d love to have any of those mirrors in my bedroom too.

leaping rabbit

I love pretty much everything in Xavier Nicol’s shop, from the bells hanging from the ceiling and the pebbles on the floor.  The orange and white wooden chairs and table set caught my eye, as did the little red stools and the big fancy light green upholstered chairs with gold stars.

Xavier chairsred stool

Some colour inspiration below: White garden furniture of the Mary Poppins variety.  Radish red and a 1980s lemon yellow punched metal magazine holder that Mr Hope hated but I thought was the coolest thing ever.

fabric swatchesradishes
magazine stand

I also spotted this mirror with painted panel.  It was quite literally stashed at the back of a shop (next to the ladders). I also liked the glass lamps that seemed to be glowing.

Mirrorglass light bases

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