A Weekend Well Spent

The weekend in reverse: Sunday night movie awesomeness High-Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley and based on the 1975 J.G Ballard novel of the same name. Such an enjoyable assault on the senses I wanted to go right back into the cinema and see it again. I think it’s the highest praise possible that two days later I’m still replaying bits in my head – mainly Portishead’s cover of Abba’s SOS, the concrete brutalism of the high rise itself and the scene of Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston dancing. imageSunday morning antique hunting in L’Isle sur la Sorgue, the fabric was less mid century modern and more chintzy country living. My secret weapon lady had some new/old fabric in stock. I also loved the old bee hives … Bee hivesAnd crazy eyed stone animals… imageI found a green cupboard that was rather lovely (and much more pistachio than the photo shows) as well as a couple of curvy wicker chairs. A new secondhand clothes shop has opened up which sells records in the back – David Essex with biro hearts and one of my favourite album covers ever, Band on the Run.Green dream dresserWicker chairsDavid EssexBand on the RunSaturday morning in Aix was spent looking for kitchenware ware. The closest I got were these beautiful folksy plates which were perhaps more suited to hanging on a wall than eating off.Plates and platters
Mr Hope fell in love with these toy cars.Toy cars
And I fell in love with this hideously bright rose tablecloth, plastic Pat Butcher earrings for 1 euro and a selection of baskets underneath the pinkest tree in the city.imageimage
We then went to Chateau la Lacoste  for a grey romp around the countryside outside Aix.imageSean ScullyimageimageBook inspiration : imageAnd finally a big shout out to Lena Dunham whose Women of the Hour podcast has been keeping me entertained while sick in bed today. Zadie Smith taking about her work verses internet ethic is a must listen for anyone who has problems focusing.

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