Soho Farmhouse Design Appreciation

Soho Farmhouse Deli

You know its going to be a good party when your friend chooses Soho House as her wedding venue.  Day 2 of our May mini break saw us heading to Soho Farmhouse in the Oxfordshire countryside. I know that the south of France could be considered a pretty foodie place to live, but honestly my local epiciere has nothing on the SFH deli …in content or looks.

Soho Farmhouse deli, brass moulds

Soho Farmhouse deli, iced buns

Above: You’ve got to admire a place that sells old school iced buns.

Soho Farmhouse farmyard

The farmyard might be the tip of the opulent SFH iceberg (the bike outside the cabin I was staying in had my name on it for goodness sake) but it sure is pretty. Top three design inspirations – the kilim sofas, tin planters (with black tulips and white daffodils. So chic I could cry) and enormous fire dish.

Soho Farmhouse farmyard sofa

soho farmhouse tin planters

Soho Farmhouse fire dish

Rather sensibly SH have published a coffee table book called Eat Drink Nap: Bringing the House Home featuring their various gorgeous properties around the world.  Below: Damien Hirst’s shark for SH Berlin.

Eat Drink Nap

Aside from the reclaimed, stained timber used to construct most of the buildings on site, one of the most eye catching features of the farmyard was this pendant light. And of course the SH wellies.

Soho Farmhouse pendant light

Soho Farmhouse wellies

Back in our cabin I was mostly coverting the warmth and textures – wool, wood, hessian, linen and jute. I have to say that Soho House wins my favourite-24hrs-spent-anywhere just on the amount  of magazines and books there were. Below: A couple of good looking poofs.

Soho Farmhouse knitted poof

Soho Farmhouse woven jute poof

Outside on our terrace I had a pre-brunch, breakfast (after going for a swim I should point out) and fell in love with the blue striped crockery manufactured especially for the house by Whichford Pottery.  My favourite finds were the in-house publications HOUSE (‘A Soho House journal for members by members‘) and the incredible member’s events listings and screenings. The New York Times’s 36 Hours, 125 Weekends in Europe, also has to make it on their for featuring Marseille.

Soho Farmhouse crockery

Soho Farmhouse in house magazine

Soho Farmhouse rug appreciation

Some fun Lucy-style SFH facts: Most importantly, you don’t need to be a member to stay.  The Cowshed products in your bathroom are to die for, so too are the packets of handmade granola and cookies in your kitchen.  The 1950s milk floats that ferry you around the place are pistachio green.  The Expresso Martini served in the Barwell Barn was possibly the best drink of any kind I’ve ever had. I’m going back as soon as I can afford it purely to bob around on the boating lake and go horse riding.  For practical information go to the Soho Farmhouse website.

PS I would love to know who SH’s design director is… if anyone out there knows, get in contact. I want to work for them.

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