Patterns, produce and poured concrete

Tate Modern - Switch House details

First stop back in London is the new Tate Modern extension, Switch House. So here we go, a ton of photos celebrating the best of brutal concrete architecture and understated typographic design.
Tate Modern - Switch House angles Below: I liked the black lift doors and the white wall plans.
Tate Modern - Switch House wall mapTate Modern - Switch House colours Tate Modern - Switch HouseBelow: looking out through the slit windows and chequered brick facade.Tate Modern - Switch Hiuse textures Tate Modern - Switch House gallery spaceTate Modern - Switch House Tate Modern - Switch House Tate Modern - Switch House Below: walking back along the Southbank I saw these super nerdy Star Trek comics, that if I had a bigger house would be framed and on my wall for there kitsch appeal.
Southbank book marketMy first week back in London has got off to a flying, albeit financially slow, start. For the uninitiated north London is the best part of this magnificent city and my local farmers market on Parliament Hill proves that you don’t have to live in the South of France to eat well.DogsAbove: due to the abandance of sausages, ham and other canine temptations, dogs are tied up along the markets side fence. 
ApplesAutumn ApplesMixed bunchAbove and below: my favorite time of year, Autumn for me means apples, preferably baked, roasted squash and Courgette soup.
Squashes CourgettesBelow: There’s a new cinema being built in Kentish Town. Local residents were asked to paint their favorite film posters onto wooden boards that have then been hung around the construction site. Even without the monochrome masterpieces the contractor surely wins the prize for London’s jazziest hoardings. Serious pattern appreciation.
Kentish Town cinema hoarding Kentish Town cinema hoarding Kentish Town cinema hoarding - Doctor StrangeloveSpeaking of patterns I should mention the awesome team at Patternity whose block printing workshop at a RIBA event I went to last night made my week, and the Carnabey Street wall painting (next to the Liberty chocolate shop entrance)that made me vow to wear less black.Carnabey Street / Liberty colours