Wolfgang Tillmans 2017

Today was all about Tillmans. 2017 could easily be called Not a Retrospective as most of the works on display have been produced since 2003. I feel like I should say something here about why the mid-2000s were so pivotal, but read the booklet you get when you enter the exhibition instead. It’s far more succinct and beautifully worded than anything I could come up with (and yes ‘2017 is not a retrospective’ features in the introduction).
I love this show, in fact, I LOVE this show. The wall text in the first room says ‘Wolfgang Tillmans has specially configured each room in this exhibition as an installation’ which for the uninitiated going along to a photography exhibition sounds hideously daunting but actually it makes for a beautiful 360 degree view; especially fitting when you consider the show contains a variety of media that surrounds us in our daily lives – photographs, of course, but also video, digital slide projections, magazines, books and graphic design. The wonderful thing about this show, and the fact you are welcome to take your own photos of Tillmans’ photos, is that everyone will find something different in it – and yes, I know everyone finds something different in every show they go to, but there’s something about Tillmans’ work that makes me think you’ll never see the same thing twice. So below, in one long stream of consciousness much like the exhibition itself, are 25 photos that made me think – beautiful curatorial design, exhibition design, graphic design and the photographs themselves.

Wolfgang Tillmans 2017 runs until 11 June, more information can be found on the Tate website. The fantastic Tateshot (a great introduction to the man himself if you’ve never heard of him) can be found here and details of the upcoming discussion about social lives and social spaces, Everyone for Themselves, can be found online along with information about Tillmans’ take over of Tate Modern’s south tank.

Yep, that’s 26 photos.

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