This is a diary for my love for art, design and culture both high and low.

I am lucky enough to call both London and Provence home. In June 2010 my boyfriend and I were asked if we would like to work in the South of France for a couple of months.  Two weeks later we arrived in Provence.  We have been here ever since.

I split my time between these two incredible places and try to make the most of both worlds; In London I work for a major gallery, in Provence, I enjoy the best bits life has to offer – glorious weather, fantastic food, space, light, new people and places.

All my photos are taken on an iPad, but I’m looking to change that so if anyone has any camera recommendations I’d love to hear them! Thank you for stopping by and having a look round.



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Emily Chandler

    Bonjour! Well this is just tres fabulous!! Love it! Makes me sad and happy in equal measures. Miss you Luce, so much, but i can see what a wonderful life you both have. Am glad that Lush Stratford has made it in there too 🙂 Love to Mr Hope x Emily x

  2. Trish Maunder

    How wonderful and inspiring, Lucy! I will continue to follow your new life and adventure, we safe, be well and enjoy the artful experience!
    Trish xxx

    1. lucyaliceholmes

      Hello Katie, Thank you for your lovely comment!! I hope you’re enjoying Provence as much as my boyfriend and I are …We are very lucky to be perched high on the side of the mountain above Gordes looking at the Luberon. I can see Bonnieux, Lacoste and Roussillion from my bedroom window. Are you living in Nice? how wonderful to be by the sea!

  3. frenchimmersion

    I am so excited to find your blog on the expat daily post page. I can’t wait till I get a chance to start reading it. Same loves, architecture/textiles/brocantes and lavender fields! We are also in France – a little sadly our ‘break’ came to move to the north when really I was hankering for the south (doesn’t everyone) That said, France grabs you no matter where you are and like you, the idea of returning to the UK seems unthinkable!

    1. lucyaliceholmes

      Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope you’ll find something interesting in here. Returning to the UK really is unthinkable for me too …Dan (my boyfriend) and I are so lucky to have landed in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. We still can’t believe our luck!

  4. peachyjen

    Hi Lucy, what a great blog! It really interests me as my finance is from Alpes de Haute Provence so we go back regularly to see the family and I (like you) have fallen in love with it. We recently moved from London to Spain so I am blogging about our adventures there. Hey, maybe one day we’ll make the move to Provence, I’ll sign up to your blog to hear about what you get up to 🙂

    1. lucyaliceholmes

      Mr Wilkinson! I most certainly am! How are you? Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve just started a new job (in France) which is quite full on and doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else! Still teaching at Godolphin? Lucy


        HERE’S A BELATED REPLY. I lost tack of your online presence for a bit. Every now and then I remember…often when we’re thinking of going abroad for a holiday. Yes, still at Godolphin,but somehow the guitar groups have stopped. I’m doing a bout 2 days a week teaching, one of which is at Godolphin. Spend the extra time playing guitar and painting. Your life sounds like you’ve made an interesting life for yourself. Does your full on job leave any time for art, or is it an ‘arty’ job? Of course you know that Mrs Sharp retired to France…but nowhere near you. Keep living the good life. They always seem to say life is what you make it.

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