Soho Farmhouse Design Appreciation

Soho Farmhouse Deli

You know its going to be a good party when your friend chooses Soho House as her wedding venue. Day 2 of our May mini break saw us heading to Soho Farmhouse in the Oxfordshire countryside. I know that the south of France could be considered a pretty foodie place to live, but honestly my local epiciere has nothing on the SFH deli …in content or looks.


A Weekend Well Spent

The weekend in reserve: Sunday night movie awesomeness High-Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley and based on the 1975 J.G Ballard novel of the same name. Such an enjoyable assault on the senses I wanted to go right back into the cinema and see it again. I think it’s the highest praise possible that two days later I’m still replaying bits in my head – mainly Portishead’s cover of Abba’s SOS, the concrete brutalism of the high rise itself and the scene of Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston dancing.


Misty Monday

Yesterday Manhattan was in the middle of a big grey cloud, so I went to the Highline to be blasted by wind and rain from every possible angle…


Alternative Avignon

Avignon on a Saturday is normally a pumping place but an unrelenting mistral meant everybody was huddling inside with their shutters firmly closed.  Below – A big squeeze, Beaux Arts magazines for 1euro!  Inspiring brush strokes from Petit Bateau and decorative triangles on the side of the Avignon’s old intramuros prison (that I’m sure must have a higher architectural purpose).
Hug BeauxArts PetitBateau TrianglesArchitectural interest –
BackStreets CurveXXXII ArchLooking through my photos from Marseille I’ve realised I managed to miss out great chunks of my days there, not least re visiting my favourite building in Provence!  Le Corbusier’s Unite de Habitation.  So, in complete contrast to Avignon’s warm stone, here are some clean lines of poured concrete Modernism.  clean planting LC1

Wednesday Morning in Marseille

My time here in Marseille has gone so quickly I can hardly believe I’m heading home this afternoon. I’ve only just started to know my way around! And this morning was the first time I came across the market in Cour Julien.