Sault Market Mini Post

Patchwork fields on the road to Sault

Today was market day in Sault and the glorious Summer weather (34 degrees and climbing) seemed like reason enough to brave the hoards of cyclists, tourists and locals to see what I could find.


Soho Farmhouse Design Appreciation

Soho Farmhouse Deli

You know its going to be a good party when your friend chooses Soho House as her wedding venue. Day 2 of our May mini break saw us heading to Soho Farmhouse in the Oxfordshire countryside. I know that the south of France could be considered a pretty foodie place to live, but honestly my local epiciere has nothing on the SFH deli …in content or looks.


A Weekend Well Spent

The weekend in reserve: Sunday night movie awesomeness High-Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley and based on the 1975 J.G Ballard novel of the same name. Such an enjoyable assault on the senses I wanted to go right back into the cinema and see it again. I think it’s the highest praise possible that two days later I’m still replaying bits in my head – mainly Portishead’s cover of Abba’s SOS, the concrete brutalism of the high rise itself and the scene of Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston dancing.


Chocker Block

Yesterday was our first visit to L’Isle sur la Sorgue since the Spring/Summer season started and suddenly the place is chocker block with new bits and pieces. Below are my Top 4 favourite finds.


Somewhere Old and Somewhere New

Somewhere old, somewhere new and the blurry line in between.  Yesterday I went to the Central Saint Martins degree show in the University’s new home behind Kings Cross.CranesThe building used to be a granary store.Spray paint The small houseThis is just the small house that sits to the side of the side of the main site.  The silver spray painted lines were dazzling in the sun.  The inside/outside space in the main building had an incredible sense of space.Light!I came to see the work of a friend of a friend and generally have a look round what BA/MA Fine Art looks like in 2013.  Below are a few of my favourite pieces – Red Seungwon Hong CollageIn the morning I had gone to Wathamstow to visit William Morris’ House, which was packed with fantastic examples of his textiles, the design process, his finished fabrics and furnishing, and most unexpectedly for me his ceramics.  They had great games (for children I should imagine) that helped you design your own pattern using mirrors and stencils.  I also learnt that Morris used to design on one large bit of paper, rubbing out and altering again and again.  I wonder how long it took to finalize a design like Little Chintz below.Little ChinzThey also had big sample books of the fabrics produced today and the original Morris & Company equivilants.  Swatches

Friday Greatness

Top three awesome bits of London today …Olivia's Orchard1. Olivia’s Orchard on the SouthbankOne for Dan!2. A nice bit of fab pre-fab, recyclable, reusable green architectureBritish Museum3. The classical meets contemporary wonderful architectural extravaganza that is The British Museum